Uluguru Nature Forest Reserve covering an area of 24,115ha is situated in Morogoro and Mvomero Districts in Morogoro, being the focal piece of the Eastern Arc Mountains. The hold is among the 25 areas of interest biodiversity regions on the planet.

The hold has immaculate elements, for example, the upland field with marshy regions at Lukwangule level, Kimhandu and Lupanga tops, and astonishing cascades at Kibwe, Fizigo, Choma, and Hululu. Additionally, inside the hold, there is the settle of the Waluguru’s conventional chief – Chief Kingalu Mwanabanzi XIV, the Historical German settlements at the morning site, the hallowed backwoods for customary venerating and ceremonies, which incorporate the Ugulo woods group in Tegetero for Wanyani and Manyika factions around Big town

Also, there are an assortment of berries (strawberries, wild berries) and flavors (like cinnamon), extraordinary reptiles with a couple or three-horned chameleons, endemic birds, (for example, Uluguru bramble shrike-kurumbizi and Loveidge’sun bird-picked more), endemic plant species, Tallow tree (privately known as Mkimbo), Panicum lukwangulensis – remarkable grasses found exclusively in Lukwangule.

Ecotourism Activities

Bird watching, hiking, trekking, forest walking, camping, research and educational tours, sunrise and sunset viewing, cultural tourism, photography, berry picking, swimming in Hululu pond, climbing up and down near Hululu waterfalls, meditation and worshiping at Hululu waterfalls, picnics, and nature trails are all popular activities.


The reserve can be reached by road via Morogoro town.

Other Tourist Attractions near Uluguru Mountains Nature Forest Reserve

Mkingu Nature Forest Reserve, Historical Sites at Solomon Mahlangu Campus at Mazimbu Morogoro, Mikumi National Parks, and Nyerere National Park are some of the other tourist sites near Uluguru Mountains Nature Forest Reserve.

Supporting Facilities

At Vinile village there is a small forest office with nearby camping and picnic site; otherwise, accommodations are found in Morogoro town.

Safari Trips

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