Tanzania solo safari

Tanzania is an excellent destination for a single trip. Not only is there enough wildlife in the country’s parks and reserves to enthrall even the most seasoned safari enthusiast, but there are also some really friendly and reasonably priced camps and lodges!
A key explanation the nation is so really great for single traveler is that it’s feasible to get together with other independent explorers, couples, and little gatherings on set itineraries with us. This truly cuts down the expense – the more individuals in a safari vehicle, the more affordable a day on safari is!
If you would rather not get together with others for your entire safari, liking to venture out all alone to every property, we’ll basically book your convenience and you’ll go on safari with whoever is remaining at the cabin or camp. For this sort of independent traveler, there are two or three contemplations to accept. The first is the expense -. This is all down to the toll a few organizations put on single explorers, known as the single enhancement. The single enhancement can be all around as much as 50% and goes towards the expense of the other individual who isn’t in your room.

Where to go in Tanzania on your solo safari

The region we suggest for solo explorers joining a ‘bunch’ safari is northern Tanzania. Here we offer various safaris to:
• The Serengeti
• The Ngorongoro Conservation Area
• Tarangire National Park.

Large numbers of these excursions include portable camps, while others are hold up based safaris – so the decision for solo voyagers is exceptionally wide. We additionally work with various master guides. These safaris will generally be more costly, however they really do highlight the best properties and assurance an extremely elevated degree of directing. An expert aide would be based at the property you visit, going with you on private game drives, or he/she would go with you all through your excursion.

For travellers making their own way through the country we recommend:
• The Serengeti
• Ngorongoro
• Tarangire


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