The least difficult and more convenient way to reach the summit

Marangu Route commonly referred as the Coca Cola Route or Tourist Route, and is both the least difficult, more convenient and the shortest way to reach Uhuru Peak the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. It is also the oldest climbing routes in terms of when it was started to be used. 70% of all Kilimanjaro mountain climbers choose to take this route, as it consists mostly of easy hiking.

Mount Kilimanjaro’s oldest climbing route

Marangu Route is also referred as the Tourist Route or the Coca Cola Route, and is both the least difficult, more convenient and the shortest way to reach Uhuru Peak the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. It is also the oldest of the routes in terms of when it was started to be used. 70% of all Kilimanjaro climbers choose to take this route, as it mostly consists of easy hiking.

Though this is considered the ‘easiest’ route, it also has a high failure rate (failure to summit) due to poor preparation. If you take the route seriously and prepare effectively, you’ll be fine.

Marangu is not considered as picturesque as other routes, but it has the advantage of boasting hut accommodation along the route which makes it a good choice in the rainy season as they provide convenient shelter. Climbers have options to complete this route either five days or six days.



The Marangu course, broadly known as the “Coca-Cola” course as you can get a jug of Coca-Cola at every cabin, is the first course settled to climb Kilimanjaro. It is much of the time charged as one of the more straightforward strolling courses – be that as it may, as per KINAPA it experiences the most minimal achievement rate (42%) as such a large number of climbers attempt to do it in just 5 days and fizzle in view of unfortunate acclimatization. Moving toward Mount Kilimanjaro from the southeast, the Marangu course utilizes a similar rising and drop course which implies it is less beautiful than different courses.

For climbers who don’t wish to camp, then Marangu is the main course that offers residence style cabin convenience. The cottages have a public lounge area, basic washrooms and latrines which lower down will be flushable, however as you move higher up the mountain will be “long drop” loos. Albeit a few climbers like remaining in the hovels instead of setting up camp you really want to recall that on the Marangu course you will be imparting the cabin to heaps of different climbers in open dorm convenience. The hovel convenience additionally implies the Marangu course is probably the best course to make the endeavor on Kilimanjaro during the stormy season

The Marangu course is a decent multi day climb for the individuals who have not journeyed much at high elevations, with a powerful additional day’s acclimatization, giving a superior achievement rate. Experienced and right now accustomed mountain dwellers might pick the more troublesome multi day climb along the Marangu course.


All trekkers need to organize their own flights to Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO). From JRO we will arrange a private transfer to your hotel in Arusha. That night or early the next morning you will meet our Wild Reality representative and have a full pre-climb briefing.

Transport: Private transfer (40 km)

  • Accommodation
  • Luxury: Grand Melia Lodge /Four Points by Sheraton Arusha / Arusha Coffee Lodge
  • Mid-range: Ilboru Safari Lodge / Arusha Planet Lodge/ Under the Shades
  • Budget: Outpost Lodge / Tulia Boutique Hotel / Summit Lodge Arusha

NB: All Accommodations in Arusha offer Bed and Breakfast only.


After breakfast, we will pickup you from your lodge for your exchange to Marangu Gate for enrollment. Our doormen plan and pack our provisions and baggage before we start our rising on a cleared edge trail through the rainforest. The timberland, covered with fog and trickling with whiskers of greenery, is additionally where the majority of Kilimanjaro’s creatures are found. We will go through our most memorable night at Mandara Hut, a gathering of wooden A-outlined hovels set in a woodland clearing.

  • Transport: Private transfer (1 hour, 40 km)
  • Hiking time: 3 – 4 hours
  • Ascent: 720 m
  • Max. altitude: 2700 m
  • Accommodation: Hut
  • Meals included: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner


From Mandara Hut the path goes through a short stretch of woodland, avoiding the foundation of the Maundi Crater arising into the progress zone from tropical jungle to moorland. After around 6 hours we show up at Horombo Hut.

  • Hiking time: 6 – 7 hours
  • Ascent: 1020 m
  • Max. altitude: 3720 m
  • Accommodation: Hut
  • Meals included: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

DAY 4 – Acclimatization AT HOROMBO HUT

This additional constantly at Horombo is great for good acclimatization. A climb towards Mawenzi, passing the Zebra Rocks on the way (around 3 hours up and 90 minutes down) is unequivocally suggested as it will additionally help with acclimatization.

  • Hiking time: 4 – 5 hours
  • Ascent: 300 m
  • Descent: 300 m
  • Max. altitude: 4020 m
  • Accommodation: Hut
  • Meals included: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner


We proceed with our climb into the Alpine desert zone passing the last spot where water is accessible at 4130m. From Kibo Hut, the highest point is currently a further 1195m of rising. We will make our highest point rising this evening so we will go to hit the sack ahead of schedule to get however much rest as could reasonably be expected.

  • Hiking time: 5 – 6 hours
  • Ascent: 980 m
  • Max. altitude: 4700 m
  • Accommodation: Hut
  • Meals included: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner


We will awaken around 23:30 hours, and after a few tea and rolls we mix off into the evening, and this is where the going truly gets intense. The primary part of the path comprises of a rough way to the Hans Meyer point (5250m), additionally a decent resting spot. The way then, at that point, crisscrosses up to Gilman’s Point (5681m), which is situated on the hole edge. This part is exceptionally steep with a ton of stone scree, requiring an incredible physical and mental exertion.

From Gilman’s Point, we will ordinarily experience snow as far as possible up to Uhuru Peak (5895m), the most elevated point in Africa. Atmospheric conditions on the culmination can decide what amount of time we will spend requiring for photos before the 3 hours plunge back to Kibo Hut. After a brief reprieve, we assemble all the stuff we left behind for the rising and make a beeline for Horombo Hut, a further 3 hours. Later in the evening, we will partake in our keep going supper on the mountain and an all around acquired rest.

  • Hiking time: 12 – 14 hours
  • Ascent: 1195 m
  • Descent: 2175 m
  • Max. altitude: 5895 m
  • Accommodation: Hut
  • Meals included: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner


Your last day on the journey, withdrawing after breakfast we slip a further 1740m to Marangu Gate to get your culmination endorsements from the Park Headquarters. Move to your lodging for an all around procured shower and festivity.

  • Transport: Private transfer (1 hour, 40 km)
  • Hiking time: 6 – 7 hours
  • Descent: 1740 m
  • Max. altitude: 3720 m
  • Accommodation: Hotel
  • Meals included: Breakfast / Lunch

DAY 8 – Takeoff

Following a genuinely necessary night’s rest, we will say farewell to you. Assuming that you have organized air terminal exchanges with us or a safari/Zanzibar trip, we will gather you in the first part of the day for your ahead venture.

  • Transport: Private transfer (0.8 hour, 40 km)
  • Meals included: Breakfast

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What is included

  • Pick up Kilimanjaro Airport, transfer to lodge/hotel
  • Transfer lodge/hotel to Kilimanjaro Airport
  • Private guide
  • Private cook
  • Park Fees for national park
  • Porters who carry your luggage
  • Accommodation in huts
  • Chairs and tables for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Dinner-tent
  • Rescue fee

What is not included

  • International flight tickets and tourist visa
  • Accommodation on day of arrival and departure
  • Insurances (travel, flying doctors etc)