Information for Traveler in regards to Covid – 19

Here you will find recommendations and updates about travelling to and staying in Tanzania. As this kind information may be due to change quickly, you need to check with the Ministry of Health Tanzania for updates before travelling to Tanzania.

Travelling restrictions for Tanzania

There is no entry ban to Tanzania, Please visit the Ministry of Health Tanzania to learn more.

List of Countries which requires covid-19 rapid antigen test upon arrival at airports, ports and ground crossing of the united republic of Tanzania

  1. The United State of America
  2. The Republic of India
  3. The Republic of South Africa
  4. The Republicof Uganda
  5. The Republicof Rwanda
  6. The French Republic
  7. Democratic Republic Of Congo
  8. The Republic of Egypt
  9. The Republic of Malawi
  10. 10.The United Kingdom

Note: Please visit the Ministry of Health website for an updated list.


To enter Tanzania, you must obtain a negative COVID-19 (RT-PCR) test result taken within 96 hours of your arrival, on arrival undertake a mandatory rapid test costing $10 USD (or $25 USD if arriving in Zanzibar). The fee can be paid for through the online Traveller Surveillance Form or in cash on arrival. You must complete the Ministry of Health’s online surveillance form in the 24 hours before arrival. Confirm entry requirements with Tanzanian authorities prior to making any travel arrangements. Refer to the latest requirements on the Ministry of Health’s website.

Observe infection prevention and control measures, including hand hygiene, wearing a mask and keeping physical distance as appropriate.

If you want to leave Tanzania and you need a COVID-19 test before travelling, the Tanzanian Government advises you to get a test at the Regional Hospital before you leave. You will need to pay for testing. You can book a test on the Ministry of Health’s online booking system.

You need a visa to enter Tanzania. Contact your nearest embassy or consulate of Tanzania for details.

Proof of yellow fever vaccination may be required for entry to Tanzania if arriving from or transiting through a yellow fever risk country.