Family Safari in Tanzania

Tanzania is an excellent destination for family safaris! We do not advocate traveling to the country with children under the age of six because it is located within Africa’s malaria belt. It is, however, an excellent place for wildlife-loving children aged 6 and up.

For sheer grouping of creatures, Tanzania is difficult to beat! Game drives are activity pressed over here, for instance in the areas making up the country’s renowned Northern Circuit. These regions are among the most reasonable objections in Africa for family safari occasions. Also, the bigger your gathering is, the more affordable the excursion becomes, as the expense of utilizing a vehicle is parted among the family. The Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania’s south district merits thinking about as well, and there’s the thrilling choice of joining your safari with an ocean side break on Zanzibar!

All through the nation’s north and south, a great deal of properties are all around set up for families. For instance, they have family rooms or interconnecting rooms. Moreover, some have pools and bigger collective regions. What’s more, a couple of organizations offer private exercises for families, so you can adopt an adaptable strategy to your vacation.

Where to go in Tanzania on your family safari

The Serengeti – from experiencing the Great Migration to spotting the big predators that follow the herds, this national park will mesmerize you and your children every time you go on a typical game drive!

Ngorongoro Crater — the sights from the crater rim will leave you and your children speechless. The Crater is worth a visit only for the gorgeous views, but it’s also rich in history, so the kids can study while you ride along the caldera floor.

Zanzibar — Nothing beats family time on the beach, which is why we recommend spending a few days after your safari on Zanzibar’s white sand beaches!

The best family friendly accommodations in Tanzania



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