Balloon Safari

A Serengeti balloon safari is the most amazing experience to see the best of the National Park and wildlife in general.
Envision floating quietly over the Serengeti fields, skimming trees and noticing natural life on the ground beneath. This is a must-do safari activity for Serengeti National Park

Areas for Serengeti expand safaris

Balloon flights leave at 06h00 from four send off destinations inside Serengeti National Park: one close to Seronera the entire year, and others in the Ndutu region (from December to March), the Western Corridor (from June to October), and the northern Serengeti (from June to October) (from July to October).

The experience

An inflatable safari is certainly worth the cash, regardless of the way that it isn’t cheap. Drifting peacefully over the treetops as the sun ascends into the great beyond permits you to get a special point of view on the limitless Serengeti fields. You could even see a few nighttime hunters preparing for the day since we leave very promptly toward the beginning of the day.

Most flights will include segments flown at a higher level, permitting you to appreciate continuous perspectives on the Serengeti; different areas might involve low-level flying, with the chance of seeing untamed life. Pilots with broad experience can follow waterways and streams, floating scarcely meters above snorting hippos and wandering giraffes. Whenever you fly low, you can have some extraordinary airborne untamed life chances.

You get across the fields any place the breeze takes you, while expand teams in their trucks track you from the beginning.

The Great Migration and Hot Air Ballooning

The most obvious opportunity with regards to viewing the Great Migration with its incalculable wildebeest and zebra is to design a trip to the Ndutu region between December and March when gigantic groups gather here. Different spots may likewise permit you to observe the Great Migration from a higher place, yet remember that the group is traveling and may just stay in each situation for a couple of days in turn. This suggests that you’ll require a little karma on your side.

The expense of a tourist balloon trip over the Serengeti.

The expense of a Serengeti swell flight is US$ 500 for each individual (counting the US$ 40 Tanapa expanding charge). This cost incorporates transportation from your hotel or camp to the inflatable send off site, as well as a champagne breakfast (subsequent to landing). The flight is supposed to run somewhere in the range of 50 and 70 minutes. The informal breakfast site is set up in an alternate area every day relying upon the arrival site. You’ll be offering the inflatable to up to 16 others.

An inflatable safari is underway.

Be prepared to get up truly early. The Seronera region move leaves at 05h30, while different hotels in the district withdraw at generally 04h00.

If it’s not too much trouble, make sure to bring comfortable attire along with a sack to store your camera, optics, and other individual assets. Most Serengeti cabins and camps can coordinate flights for a Serengeti swell safari. We emphatically prompt that you book an inflatable safari ahead of time since an extremely well-known action sells out rapidly (particularly during the top season).